Chantal Schreiber,

born and raised in Vienna, always knew she wanted  to be a writer. There was never a plan B. There was, of course, also nothing resembling a plan A.

She gave up her language studies and for several years stayed afloat with different jobs such as flight attendant, model and waitress.

With luck, she made it into a TV production team and and began her career writing scripts for children’s TV shows.


Polaroid Portrait Chantal Schreiber
Polaroid Portrait Chantal Schreiber on Couch

She had even more luck with her first Young Adult novel: “Alone among models” which turned out to be an instant success. She has been writing books ever since: For children, young adults and older adults. And there is nothing she would rather do.

No, there is still no plan, but there’s a laptop  and an unlimited supply of ideas!

She works at home, sitting at her desk or on her sofa, wearing T-shirts and sweatpants. Sometimes she prefers working in one of her favourite cafés. But maybe that’s just for the sake of wearing something other than sweatpants.

“Home”, that’s outside the city now. You know, trees, birds, the whole deal. Sometimes she misses having her favourite movie theatres and her favourite cafés as close as they used to be. But then again, from her new home it is a much shorter drive to her horse. And now that the dog is part of the picture, she can’t really imagine living in a big city anymore. The dog most certainly can’t imagine it.

Polaroid Portrait Chantal Schreiber with her dog

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