Cover Friends & Horses 2
ZitatendeThis series should never end!
Leo of Leo’s Universum

Friends & Horses

12 and up! New Edition!

Rosa and her “flower girls”, together they weather every storm. A story of first love, friendship, and of course, horses! Real characters, heartfelt adventures in a beautiful setting.

The beloved series in a beautiful new edition!
Friends & Horses 1 – 4

Cover Friends & Horses 2
ZitatendeOne of the most beuatiful children’s books I‘ve read in 2018!
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9 and up. Brandnew: Volume 3!

Eva und Eldur, her Icelandic horse, a great love set against the beautiful, wild backdrop of Iceland’s nature.
Horses, patchwork family and home – three gripping, warm hearted adventures.

Off to Iceland with Eva and Eldur, Volume 3 out now!
Mein Feuerpferd 1 – 3

Alle Bände - Im Galopp zum Hochzeitstag
ZitatendeEnchanting time and time again!
FinjaMermaid on Lovelybooks

To Cloud 9

9 and up. New: Bonus volume!

When Maxi is forced to move to the countryside with her parents, an Icelandic horse and a boy with the bluest eyes, make the transition more than bearable.
Vic&Maxi, an epic teenage love story, now complemented by a new spin-off-volume.
For mothers and daughters.

Vic & Maxi forever! New, especially for you❤️: 13 years later. What happened to Vic & Maxi?
Im Galopp 1 – 3

Cover Friends & Horses 2

ZitatendeTurbulent and funny adventure, great play with stereotypes!
Fernweh nach Zamonien on Lovelybooks


For everyone, from 5 to 105.

He is grumpy. He is lazy. He is a glutton. He is, of course, a unicorn. It is most suprising (especially for Kurt himself) that there awaits a perfect (anti-)hero under his splendid-white shell.

Kurt is cult! Out now, volume 5: „Heroes, Gnomes and Unicorns“!
KURT 1 – 5

Cover Friends & Horses 2
ZitatendeBeautiful adventure of courage and friendship with adorable illustrations.
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Kappi & Skoppa

Horse adventures for Preschool listeners and first readers!

Two Icelandic foals dicovering nature, fellow animals and two-legged people. Grandpa Valdi is telling this story of Kappi and Skoppa, best friends who couldn’t be more different, to his ever fighting grandchildren Fanndis and Jon.

Icelandic magic for the very young horse lover!