Chantal Schreiber

Chantal Schreiber

Author. Writes books for children, young adults and older adults. Is owned by a dog and a horse. Cosmopolitan, Traveller. Outdoor person. Enjoys learning languages. Moviejunkie. Bookjunkie.

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First Readers: Age 4 and up! COMING SOON!

Kappi & Skoppa 3 – Puffin’ up

Lucky that Grandpa Valdi never runs out of stories about Kappi and Skoppa! Otherwise, the wait for their next trip to Iceland would be unbearably long for Fanndis and Jon!
This time, a strange light, an even stranger unknown object and a funny bird are keeping the two Icelandic foals busy.
An exciting Icelandic fairytale for little horse lovers!

Published October 2022 by Ellermann Verlag, Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

Cover Friends & Horses 2
Cover Friends & Horses 2

Ages 10 and up: NEW!

Eldur 3 – Midsummer Nights

Volume 3 of the „Eldur” series has finally landed! When Eva’s cousin Emma finds a young mare in the wilderness, the girl’s longtime wish of having a horse all to herself seems to come true. The pretty mare will be auctioned off and Emma has saved up enough money to have a good chance at bidding! When suddenly this bubble bursts through no fault of her own, the desperate girl makes a reckless move and Eva knows she needs to step in. Instead of limiting the damage, however, she endangers her own life and that of her beloved horse, Eldur. At this critical moment Emma’s mare proves just how special she really is …

Published Juni 2022 by cbj Verlag

First Readers: Age 4 and up! NEW!

Kappi & Skoppa 2 – Ghost or Geysir?

Who believes in ghosts? Not Fanndis! Although she might dress as one and scare her brother, Jon! The little black lamb in Opa Valdi’s new story has been scared by not one, but two ghosts! And while ghost number One turns out to be an Icelandic natural phenomenon, Kappi and Skoppa feel the urge to make light of ghost Number Two and accompany the little lamb back home.
Two siblings and two foals, each very different from their counterpart, finding that their strengths complement each other. The second Icelandic adventure with Kappi and Skoppa!

Published Februar 2022 by Ellermann Verlag, Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

Cover Friends & Horses 2
Cover Friends & Horses 2

First Readers: NEW!

Kurt 4 – Heroes, Dragons, Applesauce

Kurt is back! And his new adversary is the fiercest yet: A giant fruit dragon steals all the apples from the royal orchards! Which means, no applesauce for Kurt. The situation is dear and Kurt sails through a standoff with the dragon with flying colors. The dragon, however, returns and takes revenge by kidnapping Kurt who wakes up on an island in a giant labyrinth, his magic gone! The first inhabitants he meets aren’t doing wonders for his good mood: Kurt is afraid of mice! But what if they are the only ones who can help alert his friends? The gang arrives, P. even discovers a new magical skill and all together they solve not only the puzzle of the labyrinth but also that of the giant golden fruit dragon.

Published Januar 2022 by Ellermann Verlag, Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

First Readers: Age 4 and up!

Kappi & Skoppa – An Icelandic Adventure

Fanndis and her brother Jon are spending their summer vacation with Grandpa Valdi in Iceland. The siblings are at eachother’s throats nonstop, so Grandpa Valdi starts telling them the story of Kappi and Skoppa, two Icelandic foals who are as different from one another as Fanndis and Jon, but best friends nonetheless. Kappi and Skoppa set out on an Icelandic adventure and listening to their grandfather the children actually forget to fight!

Published October 2021 by Ellermann Verlag, Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

Cover Friends & Horses 2
Cover Friends & Horses 2

First Readers!

KURT – Unicorn on a Mission

Kurt goes Ninja! The anti-hero is back with a new adventure that will take him on a quest to save a group of young Ninja goldfish who have disappeared. He will face new dangers and earn a new outfit – that of the first honorary Ninja unicorn, ever. And when he and Fred, the senior Ninja gold fish, are at their wits’ end, they find support where they least expected it.
Kurt as we love him: funnier and grumpier than ever.

Published June 2021 by Ellermann Verlag, Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

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