Ages 12 and up

4 Hooves, 1 boy too many

Maxi’s best friend Lara is lovesick, having had a huge fight with boyfriend Tino. As a first aid measure, Maxi invites her to spend the Christmas vacation at her parents’ house in the country. Lara and Max, Carolin’s one-time-boyfriend as well as almost-boyfriend, hit it off immediately and begin spending time together. Carolin doesn’t seem to mind, so in Maxi’s eyes the whole thing is almost ideal, as on the other hand Carolin herself seems to really like a new boy in the stable. Things begin to get a bit out of Maxi’s control, when Tino shows up, trying everything in his power to get Lara back! Three is definitely one boy too many, but Maxi is not in really deep trouble until she realizes she has been so busy matchmaking that she has lost sight of her own relationship!

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