Ages 12 and up

To Cloud Nine in mid Galopp

Double feature, formerly published under the titles „4 Hooves, 1 Kiss impending“ and „4 Hooves, 1 Kiss misplaced“. Revised and updated.

Out of the Blue, Maxi’s parents decide to move to the country, without even stopping to ask their daughter! Maxi is in complete shock. As she realizes that she will have to go with the flow – for now – she decides that her parents will not have one bit of fun in the new house – she will see to that.

But then a few unexpected things happen: She not only makes a new friend but also falls in love: twice! With an Icelandic horse named Ringo and with a boy named Vic whose blue eyes have an indescribable effect on her.

When Vic and Maxi finally get closer and the perfect moment for the first kiss seems to have arrived, something happens. Or rather, someone: Her name is Vonnie. She is tall, blond and beautiful. And Vic’s Ex.

To Cloud Nine in mid Galopp Excerpt (German)

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