Buchcover Herzklopfen im Galopp

Ages 10 and up

Eldur 3 – Midsummer Nights

To finally have her own horse! This dream seems to come true for Eva’s cousin Emma when she finds a young mare lost in the wilderness of Northern Iceland. The horse is being claimed by no one and will be auctioned off a few days later. Emma has high hopes that her savings will be enough to buy the mare at the auction. When this bubble gets burst however, the girl in her desperation to hold on to Àlfadis makes a reckless move. Eva heart overflows and she wants to help, but instead manages to endanger not only herself but also her beloved gelding, Eldur. Emma’s mare proves just how special she really is and under the midnight sun of the Icelandic summer a race against time begins. Is there a happy ending in the cards for Emma and her dream horse?

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