Ages 12 and up

It’s NOW, it’s YOU

a novel

The first kiss, the one true love, and the whole world in-between

When Jemma and Tara meet, it feels like pure magic. Like the thing that only happens in movies. However, Tara as a prominent climate activist is in the limelight constantly, a hundred percent committed to the cause. Jemma, while also engaged in climate activism, works at a preschool, and has additional priorities such as the little boy whose home situation seems to be less than perfect. Tara, being on the road the better time of a year, proves not to be the most ideal partner, which Jemma tries to come to terms with. When Tara is not number 1 on Jemma’s list of priorities, she takes it personally, even if it proves to be about a neglected little boy who has grown dear to Jemma’s heart. Who is right? Who is wrong? Whose priorities are more important? Tensions rise, and when jealousy is added to the mix, the magic between Jemma and Tara seems to blow up in their faces. Can two people be completely different and still destined for each other?
(Published January 2024 by Harper Collins)

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