First Readers, 3 years and up

KURT – There’s always SOMETHING

Kurt is now the star of a picture book for the youngest KURT-Fans!

Kurt the unicorn, is usually one of three things: hungry or sleepy, or attending to a friend in need. And someone always seems to be in need!
Be it the Princess who is unhappy about the rainy weather, Fred Ninja who lacks training opportunities for his young Ninjas or Trill fleeing from an unimaginable danger.
Mostly it’s Kurt’s water magic that’s required in tricky situations, but sometimes it’s just plain old fart magic! However, the commitment to his friends takes its toll, Kurt is growing more and more tired. But there’s always something and Kurt just can’t say “No” to a friend! Missing out on his naps, however, makes Kurt more and more weak and tired …
How does one find some well-deserved peace and quiet when there is always SOMETHING …?

Published January 2024 by Ellerman/Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

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