Ages 10 and up

Jukka running  – Fast friends

Jukka is a boy and he loves running. Leo is a girl and she loves painting. When Jukka is seated next to Leo on his first day in the new school, the two immediately connect. Leo’s best friend however, is not happy about the competition, and neither is Nico, who has always been the fastest runner in the class – until now. When Jukka is mobbed by Nico and his bully friends he decides to lose on purpose during PE and train secretly for the school’s track and field competition at the end of the year. The competition becomes Jukka’s main focus, while Leo’s is on gaining her family’s recognition by winning an arts competition for students. The day before the school’s sports event, something unexpected happens and it is for Jukka to decide: What is more important to him? His best friend’s happiness? Or putting his rival in his place at the school race? Fast paced story about friendship and courage.

Jukka running Excerpt (German)

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