Ages 14 and up

Suddenly Peru

When Elena is offered to take a friend’s place in a volunteering program in Peru, she acts spontaneously – very likely for the first time ever – and decides to go. Head over heels she plunges into a new world, a different culture, a very different way of life. A whole caleidoscope of brandnew emotions and experiences – from shocking to touching – make her realize that not all in life can be planned – such as the feelings for Sebastián, her seemingly unfriendly and muy macho Spanish teacher. Or the love for Carlito, a baby boy in the orphanage she volunteers at. She finds an exceptional friendship and more and more she grows attached to this rough, beautiful, wild and strange country and its people.

Chantal Schreiber has travelled Peru and volunteered in an orphanage in Cusco for the best part of one amazing summer. Much of what she has experienced on this trip has found its way into „Suddenly Peru“, a story about travel, love and friendship, but most of all about the limitless possibilities arising when you truly allow yourself to open up to new things.

Suddenly Peru Excerpt (German)

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