Buchcover Friends & Horses 2 – Sommerwind und Herzgeflüster

First Readers

Kappi & Skoppa 1 – An Icelandic Adventure

Grandpa Valdi tells his two grandchildren, Fanndis and Jon, the story of two young Icelandic horses, Kappi and Skoppa, best friends in spite of very different personalities. Kappi is the last foal born to the herd this summer. His legs are a little shorter, his run is a little slower, his jumps are a little lower than those of the other foals. Which makes him think twice before playing with them, after all, he doesn’t like being made fun of! Lucky for him, the adventurous Skoppa makes sure Kappi gets out of his comfort zone every once in a while. “Kappi“ means „Hero“ and when he discovers two helpless baby birds, Kappi has the opportunity to live up to his name. Listening Grandpa Valdi’s story, his grandchildren not only forget to fight but realize that being different can help bringing out the best in eachother!

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