First Readers

Kurt 4 – Heroes, Dragons, Applesauce

A dragon has been plundering the royal orchards, with terrible consequences: No apple sauce for Kurt! The situation is dire, so Kurt produces all the heroic qualities he can muster and indeed scares off the dragon when it comes back to steal the rest of the royal fruit. While Kurt is resting on his laurels, the dragon returns to kidnap him and on awakening, Kurt finds himself in a labyrinth on the dragon’s island, surrounded by mice and minus his magic powers! The mice are way more friendly and helpful than anticipated and alarm Kurt’s friends who promptly show up to rescue him. Once out of his green prison, Kurt storms the dragon’s lair only to discover he may have underestimated his opponent. P. who now has acquired a new magical skill shows up unexpectedly and once again saves the day, solving the puzzle of the golden dragon and his enormous appetite!

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