First Readers

Una in Winterwonderland

“Where do elves go in winter?” Una wants to know. But the bellflower-hour is over before her tiny little friend Nelly can answer her question, and most of the pretty bellflowers have already gone. Fall has come quickly, but does that mean she won’t see Nelly again until spring?
Una falls ill with a bad cold and while the first snow is falling and she is lying in bed with a fever, she hast he strangest dream: a completely black version of Nelly feeding her some strange medicine! Shortly after, Una is well again, longingly waiting for the little elf to show up in front of her window – and when she does, Nelly has an amazing story to tell and some fairy dust in her pocket! Una turns into an elf once more and is taken on a wondrous trip to a place no human has ever seen before: The elves’ winter quarters!

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