First Readers

Una and the Elf

Una’s life has changed for the worse since the baby has arrived! She finds herself wishing for Mom to draw and read with her again! And to have Una’s bike repaired! She wishes for her Dad to play with her when he comes home from work! She wishes, she wishes … And who’s the expert on fulfilling wishes? Right! “Dear Fairy Godmother”, Una says, “Please come and take care of my wishes!”
Sure enough, she hears a tiny little voice answer her from somewhere in the grass at her feet.
“Look! Here I am! On the bell flower!”
Indeed, there is a tiny creature sitting on the top leaf of the blue bell flower. Hardly longer than Una’s index finger, but significantly wider. It is a rather chubby tiny creature. And it insists on being an actual elf! And the elf has not come to help Una! It is just the other way round, the elf needs Una’s help!
Some fairy dust is thrown in the air and suddenly, Una is in the middle of a magical adventure!

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