Ages 14 and up

Well covered

Paulina is a big girl. BIG in capital letters, no doubt about that. Of course she knows this is not a very healthy state to be in – or a very attractive one, for that matter. But food means a lot to her – it is comfort, it is safety, it takes the edge off stressful days, if only for the moment. And about the boys? They’re ignoring her anyway, right? This is when she meets Marcus who tells her she has the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. He is charming and funny and simply wonderful and seems to truly like her for who she is. The question is: Can Paulina like herself for who she is? Will she manage to detach herself from the safe haven her family has always been to her and stand on her own?

„Well covered“ has been awarded the „Mira-Lobe-Scholarship for Children’s and Young Adult Fiction“ and has been shortlisted for the „Silver Feather“ Award, a literary award for Childrens’ and Young Adult Fiction given out by the German Female Doctors’ Association, for books related to health issues.

Well covered Excerpt (German)

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