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The Oracle (or: The Bear and the Peacock)

In the bear’s eyes, the peacock is unfriendly and arrogant. In the peacock’s eyes, the bear is clumsy and a bit dumb.But they have one thing in common: They are both looking for a best friend.One to share everything with, one to say „See you in the morning, buddy!“ to before going to sleep. The wise oracle insists they go on the quest for a best friend together! At first neither of them likes the idea one bit. But then the bear thinks: The peacock is so imaginative! Hard to get bored with the funny little guy! And the peacock thinks: The bear is big and strong. Not a bad travel companion to have! So they set out to find their respective best friends together. During the day, the peacock sits on the bear’s shoulder. At night he sleeps safely between the bears giant paws. They have the time of their lives on the trip, but unfortunately it has to end: Not a best friend in sight for either of them! They must go back and complain to the wise oracle! Or do they?

The Oracle Excerpt (German)

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