Ages 12 and up

Friends & Horses – A summer in the making

Rosa, Daisy and Iris will be friends for ever, that’s carved in stone. Carved in the same stone, however, is the fact that very soon, Iris will move to the city with her parents and the infamous girl-trio will never again be what it has been to this day: an inseparable unit, enjoying Pancake afternoons at Rosa’s, evenings at the Movie Barn, midnight swims in the river – and most of all, the joint rides on their beloved horses through the beautiful valley.

Bad enough that Rosa has to deal with the imminent breakup of the „Flower-Girls“ she finds herself in a tumult of feelings as the sandbox love for her best buddy Daniel seems to have turned into something else almost overnight. Before she has even come to terms with this undebatable fact, serious competition shows up in the shape of Ollie, a Mexican girl far too pretty and far too nice (and with a far too beautiful horse). Ollie is every boy’s dream, Daniel apparently being no exception, and as Rosa is still wrestling with her feelings, what happens seems to come down to a matter of timing.

Friends & Horses Excerpt (German)

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