Buchcover Herzklopfen im Galopp

Ages 11 and up

Perfect for you

Kim is thirteen, loves soccer, her best friend Lolo, her dog and her big brother, Toby. And she adores Danny, who is three years older, and a genius in maths. He is also the school’s best athlete, and has the most amazing green eyes. In short, he is the ideal person to help her getting her maths grades up during the summer. Well, he is in Kim’s eyes. Not so much in her Mom’s, who has chosen the most boring person on earth as a tutor. Kim can’t risk her soccer camp, so she grudgingly accepts what she can’t change – for now. And the summer isn’t half bad: At soccer camp, she meets Lego, and the two of them really hit it off – as friends, of course. Kim‘s energy goes into playing soccer and finding a new girlfriend for her beloved brother – until a window of opportunity opens for her to get what she wanted after all. And Kim is all in. No risk, no fun, right?

First love, friendship and being a teenager. A fast paced, funny coming-of-age-story with relatable and lovable characters.

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