First Readers

Kurt 1 – stop the glitter already!

It’s quite embarrassing to have your farts smell like roses and your coat exude pink glitter with every move. But Kurt can’t help it, for he’s a unicorn. The only thing even more nerve-wrecking are others’ expectations. In the opinion of Trill, the un-shut-uppable bird, he is to save a tiny princess he’s never even set eyes on! When he’d much rather be left in peace and munch on his buttercups! So why would he?
Well, here’s another embarrassing fact about Kurt: Having this compassion thing going on, he can’t really help himself.
And so, with the support of Trill and an overweight Ninja-goldfish who owes him a favor, Kurt comes to the aid of Princess Flea – surprising himself and everyone involved by showing more heart – and more magic – than he knew he had in him!

For readers and listeners of all ages, funny, quirky, grumbly Kurt is a force to be reckoned with.

Kurt – stop the glitter already! excerpt (in german)

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